Posted on by Alyssa Brenke

Autel Robotics Expands Use Cases for Unprecedented Fixed-Wing, Vertical Takeoff and Landing Kestrel UAS


Autel Robotics USA is showing updates on its unprecedented Kestrel project today at NAB 2016, Central Hall – C2139. Among other updates, the company is expanding the scope of possible applications for the game-changing technology.

By combining the aerodynamic advantages of fixed-wing flight with the takeoff and landing benefits of drone technology, Kestrel is the most efficient electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system in the world. The current Kestrel prototype’s technical specs include a design speed of 40 mph, up to 62-mile range, and flight time up to two hours.

Autel Robotics USA first showed the Kestrel prototype at CES 2016 with an eye on precision agriculture and humanitarian efforts as possible use cases. Since the debut, the company has prioritized Kestrel’s modularity to expand the potential applications to include resource management, inspection, security, and imaging and photography to name a few.

“We keep seeing new and amazing uses for the platform and have chosen to embrace that,” Autel Robotics USA Senior Director of Technology Arvid Elias said. “The same kind of modularity you see with our X‑Star series, you will see on the Kestrel but on a much larger scale.”

At NAB 2016, Autel Robotics USA will also show its X‑Star series of 4K camera drones now available for purchase, and invite attendees to collaborate and provide feedback on a new handheld camera stabilizer prototype.

Autel Robotics USA is an emerging technology company based in Bothell, Washington. With 7-days-a-week customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best-possible experience.

Please visit the Autel Robotics USA booth at NAB 2016 at Central Hall – C2139 for more information.