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Drone manufacturer Autel Robotics offers $200 off X-Star Premium drone for the holidays


Autel Robotics announced yesterday that it is offering $200 off the X‑Star Premium for the holiday season. This promotion brings the price of the X‑Star Premium from $899 to $699. 

“When you have the most versatile, most rugged, best-supported drone on the market, it’s hard to improve from there,” Autel Robotics USA CEO Steve McIrvin said. This $200 promotion, however, will go a long way toward opening up drone ownership to pilots who’ve been saving all year long. Plus, it really makes the X‑Star Premium stand out as a great gift opportunity for that future drone pilot on your list this year.” 

The promotion is available to customers through Autel Robotics’ newly-launched online storeand through authorized retailers. The Autel Robotics online store offers free shipping in the U.S. and Canada on all orders over $29.   The X‑Star Premium comes with a quick-release 4K Ultra HD camera and 3-axis gimbal, a protective carrying case, 64GB microSD card, remote controller, and other accessories. The manufacturer also offers U.S.-based customer support seven days a week.

X‑Star Premiums purchased through the holiday promotion will qualify for

Autel Robotics’ You Pass, We Pay program, where the company will provide a $150 rebate to customers who pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test to become a certified commercial drone pilot.

Autel Robotics USA is an emerging technology company based in Bothell, Washington. With seven-days-a-week, U.S.-based customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best-possible experience. For more information on Autel Robotics USA, please visit, and sign up for the newsletter!  


Few to do's for the


1) At the very bottom "customer support" points here still:

2)Kestrel to the drones menu

3)Support for EVO and X-Star

4)The downloads page we still have this below linking back to

5)Under the accessories tab if you highlight over EVO Accessories both EVO and X-Star show up. Nuke both of those and just have people click on EVO Accessories to get to the link just as it is with X-Star

There may be more but that's what I've found thus far.




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