Dragonfish is designed to tackle tough tasks quickly and efficiently

The vertical takeoff and landing design of tilt-rotor makes it possible for Dragonfish to take off normally in harsh environments where ordinary fixed-wing drones cannot. Dragonfish can automatically switch to fixed-wing mode, enabling higher efficiency compared with conventional helicopter systems. Equipped with multiple flight modes and switchable load systems, Dragonfish is a powerful and versatile drone designed to meet your comprehensive business requirements.

30 km transmission distance

The 30 km transmission distance creates a platform for exploring higher and further airspace. Such hardcore data as 1080p real-time video transmission, 2 cm precision dual antenna RTK, 10 times visible light + infrared double light load and 6,000m service ceiling adds up to security.

100 min flight time

The amazing flight time of Dragonfish is 100 min, providing users with sufficient operating time. In addition, the whole Dragonfish can be easily placed in a trunk for portability and single-person operation.

High autonomy & simple operation

One-minute aircraft assembly, five-second self-check of the whole system, one-key autonomous takeoff, intelligent target tracking and waypoint flight make investigation and security so simple.

Flight stability & sound safety

Even force 6 wind does not compromise takeoff and landing. Dual redundant backups of all sensors offer complete fail-safe protection, making flights worry-free.