EVO II Firmware Release Notes


This firmware package V2.2.3 contains the following component updates:

Flight Control V0.0.1.81
Camera V0.2.20.5
Remote Controller V2.0.2.0
RC Panel V3.0.5.0
Image Transmission V1.1.1.18
RC Image Transmission V1.1.1.18
Gimbal V0.1.16.0
Battery V0.0.12.0
Vision Module V0.2.20.5
Sonar V1.2.1.24
ESC1-4 V1.0.3.5

Release Notes:

New Features:

  1. Added no-fly zones in China
  2. Enabled EVO II Pro users to adjust ISO in Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority modes (latest version app is required)
  3. Enabled 1-2 second strobe function for bottom LED lights (latest version app is required)

Bug Fixes and Optimizations: 

  1. Optimized EVO II Pro color reproduction in daylight conditions
  2. Optimized EVO II Pro exposure accuracy in Shutter Priority mode
  3. Optimized EVO II autofocus accuracy at night
  4. Stabilized gimbal heading control during flight
  5. Resolved intermittent performance issue with accurate landing function
  6. Resolved compatibility issue with H.265 video on Apple platform video players
  7. Fixed other minor bugs


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