• 1080P/60FPS

  • 3 Port
    Signal Output

  • 7km
    Video Transmission Distance

  • 4 Hours
    Battery Life

  • 5000mAh
    Battery (mAh)

  • Full metal shell
    Fast heat dissipation

The Live Deck supports wireless connection with EVO series with a maximum transmission distance of 7 km. It can output high-resolution aerial images to larger LED screens, TV and monitoring devices in real time. It inputs and outputs 1080P images at 60 fps.

Expanding possibilities

Live Deck supports multiple video outputs, HDMI, USB, and Ethernet, enabling users to view clear transmissions through all channes.

4h battery life

Live Deck has a max 4h battery life with its inserted 5000 mAh lithium battery, which could be easily charged through Micro-USB port or portable battery pack.