Difficulties in conventional mapping

  • Incredible manpower and material resources are required for satellite measurement and manual measurement.

  • Manual measurement is a time-consuming process and it’s hard to keep the measurement accurate. Due to the limitation of the viewing angle, line graphic is the sole option.

How does EVO II empower mapping industry?

  • Centimeter-level RTK with high precision

    The centimeter-level mapping data by high-precision RTK has reduced the ground control points required in conventional mapping, simplifying the process of mapping and reducing time and other costs.

  • Professional software

    The exclusive aerial mapping software has covered route planning, data acquisition, model reconstruction and data analysis, providing you with one-stop solution to quickly construct 2D orthophoto and 3D tilt photography, and obtain high-precision shot.

  • Open SDK

    The open SDK leaves room for developers’ free creation so that they can develop solutions for themselves, maximizing the value of EVO II.

  • Ultra-high resolution images

    Even the smallest detail could be found in 4 MP aerial images. Each and every camera lens has been rigorously calibrated. The distortion data is stored in raw images for users to do post processing.

  • Simple Flight

    Low-altitude flight has made it easier to apply for a flight zone. Also, EVO II has low requirements for take-off and landing and can fly in places where human beings cannot reach.

  • Extended battery life

    With a battery life up to 40 min, more high-resolution aerial shots could be taken to record detailed on-site information.

Recommended pair


• Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

• 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

• Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


• Excellent with 8K

• 48MP, accurate magnifier of tiny details

• In-camera 4K 10-bit HDR enables the presentation of authentic brightness