EVO Firmware Release Notes


This firmware package V1.3.46 contains the following component updates:

Flight Control V0.0.2.20
Camera V0.2.0.8
Remote Controller V0.0.29.0
RC Panel V1.1.18.0
Image Transmission V1.0.3.13
RC Image Transmission V1.0.3.13
Gimbal V1.1.3.1
Battery V1.1.7.0
Vision Module V1.0.2.2
Sonar V1.2.1.13
ESC1-4 V1.0.1.29

Release Notes:

- Added ‘Coaching Mode’ which allows users to connect a second controller with the aircraft for flight

- Optimized RTH accuracy in weak GPS condition

- Optimized camera IQ and exposure

- Improved anti-drifting ability after initial taking off (Improved convergence rate of aircraft’s initial heading deviation)

- Added battery over-discharging warning prompt

- Added ‘Safe to Land’ prompt on RC

- Bug fixes

Download Here