Remote Controller Description

EVO’s remote controller supports live video downlink and aircraft remote control functions without the need of a mobile app. The aircraft has an unobstructed range of up to 7km if conditions are good. The video downlink system and aircraft remote control system operate at 2.4GHz or 900MHz (user selectable). The 3.3-inch OLED screen located on the remote controller displays live video feed, battery level, GPS signals, ight speed, etc.


  1. Mobile Device Holder
  2. Flight Information Panel
  3. Command Sticks
  4. Hand Grips
  5. Take-off/Landing Button
  6. Power Button
  7. USB Ports
  8. Pause Button
  9. Go Home Button
  10. Antennas


  1. Screen Navigation Dial
  2. Screen Navigation Button
  3. Shutter Button
  4. Customizable Button A
  5. Customizable Button B
  6. Record Button
  7. Gimbal Pitch Dial