The X‑Star drone has the ability to take off and land automatically or manually.


  1. Prepare your X‑Star for flight, and place it in an open area in front of you with the battery facing you. Be sure to avoid taking off from areas with metal nearby, as the metal may cause interference.
  2.  Press and hold the Start Motors button on the remote controller for about two seconds.
  3. To take off automatically, press and hold the Takeoff/Landing button btn-round-takeoff-land on your remote controller for about two seconds. The aircraft will takeoff and hover at an altitude of ten feet, waiting for your command. To take off manually, push the left command stick up. When you reach your desired altitude, release the command stick to its center position, and the aircraft will hover there.


  1. Fly your X‑Star to a safe landing location.
  2. To land automatically, press and hold the Takeoff/Landing button btn-round-takeoff-land for about two seconds. The X‑Star will descend and land, but you will continue to have control over the right command stick. Be careful not to touch the stick unless you want to make directional adjustments during the landing sequence. To land manually, pull the left command stick down. The speed of descent will correlate to your command stick movement, so pull the stick down slowly in order to descend slowly. Once the drone is on the ground, pull the left stick all the way down and hold for 5 seconds to turn the propeller motors off.
NOTE: If your aircraft tips over on the ground during takeoff, turn off the motors by performing a toe-in or toe-out command with the command sticks.